Saturday, September 21, 2013

...the troubadour collection

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The Troubadour collection is inspired by Medieval Times but with a modern feel to it.
Knitted in six shades of an organic 4-ply Dorset Poll and plant dyed by
Renaissance Dyeing in the French Pyrenees.

These shades are dyed with the plants woad and madder
that would have grown wild and used for dyeing in the Middle ages.
The pattern descriptions are available in two colour combinations

now available as downloadable ebook,

The Troubadour Collection,
an eBook
three knitting patterns
a beret – a cowl/hood – a pair of gauntlets
two different colour-compositions

Three patterns for the price of two


The patterns are also available in separate kits containing both pattern and wool.
For more information see: Renaissance Dyeing


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