Friday, September 06, 2013

... summer fruits

some fruit from the garden

I didn't do any fermentation dyes this summer due to circumstances, but now with all the wild fruits growing in abundance, Elderberries and Brambles for instance but also with the Pokeweed I planted last year which is giving some fruit now, I decided to give it another go, with promises of some pink or red or maybe even purple... who knows!

Pokeweed  -  Phytolacca esculenta
(here with the leafs of some Buckwheat - Fagopyrum esculentum)

Here's a blog post about dyeing with Pokeweed by Grackle and Sun

Pokeweed edible or not?
Here you will find information about it:    Can Be Deadly But Oh So Delicious: Pokeweed

Pokeweed - Brambles - Onion skins
It's such a fascinating subject, fermentation...


The labyrinth we painted along the riverside...

I'm really grateful that I live in such a beautiful place
Nature offers so much inspiration
each and every day


and... I'm definitely working on something new here


  1. Hallo Marylene,

    I like to read your fermentation experiments,
    an look your wonderfoll colours. A lot to learn for my from your blog. Thanks a lot!