Saturday, October 19, 2013

shades of late-summer berries... testing...

Dye News update

I did some test dyeing with late summer berries

pokeweed berries - brambles and elderberries

after fermentation of the berries I've put some lace merino for one day in the glass jars
I only used an acid dye-vat (with vinegar)

here's the final result:

dyed with elderberries (dark old rose)- onion skin (fantastic orange)- poke weed (purple)- brambles (pink)

I love these colours, they look great together !
what do you think? 

lace merino dyed with poke weed
not washed yet

the same yarn - after it was washed and placed in full daylight for one week, but no sunlight

I'm quite happy with the results !


We went on a autumn walk and we saw this cute little goat 


Monday, October 07, 2013

Here she is: Camille, my new knitting pattern...

While I was writing the pattern for my new shawl design for a kit from Renaissance Dyeing, (see post here)
I decided it was a good idea to knit the same shawl but in a thicker yarn and with different colours

Here is the result:

A symmetrical triangle shawl 
alternating ribbing, stripes and lace,

two versions: 

Fingering-Weight Medium                 and                Worsted-Weight Large

The fingering-weight - size medium:

the colours are: Purple Passion (dark-purple)- Pewter (grey) - Dill (green) - Ciel (light blue)
knitting needles: 2,5mm or 2,75mm (US 1½ or 2)

The yarn/pattern kit - size medium - is also available at Renaissance Dyeing 
(with the colours: dark purple/green/light blue/grey)
more info here


The worsted-weight - size large:

the colours are; grey, orange, purple and burgundy
knitting needles : 4 mm (US 6)

The pattern includes both fingering-weight and worsted-weight descriptions - more info here

I must say I'm quite proud of this new design

I'm very pleased with both my shawls

I've named the shawl Camille
after the french artist, Camille Claudel
(8 December 1864 – 19 October 1943)

She died 70 years ago this month


me with Camille at the Menhir du Cloître
Huelgoat - Brittany - France

how does one capture the colour changes ?
with a little help from the wind !


 I'm working on another new design,
a crochet scarf/cowl this time

very soon on this blog !