Friday, February 28, 2014

Spirit Dolls...

Hi, I'm back. The last two months have been very wet here in Brittany, with lots of storms and heavy rainfall but me and my place are quite safe now.

So, it's time for a new energy, a new spring, a new beginning
Feel like blogging again...

but first I'm sharing this post from my other blog, it's about Spirit Dolls:


I just love these "dolls"
I'm going to make some myself someday

In Touch With Her Intuition - Barb Kobe

"Recently the definition of what a doll is has been scrutinized by western doll artists and collectors, whose criteria are based only on aesthetic appeal. But others understand that a doll should not only follow the rules and concepts for what is pleasing to the eye, but that it should also have the ability to cure, to instruct and even to protect."   Christopher Mahoney


Brigid Wheat Corn Dolly


“The doll is symbolic homunculi, little life. It is the symbol of what lies buried in humans that is numinous. It is a small and glowing facsimile of the original Self. Superficially, it is just a doll. But inversely, it represents a little piece of soul that carries all the knowledge of the larger soul-Self. In the doll is the voice, in diminutive, of old La Que Sabe, The One Who Knows...the psyche works even when we sleep, most especially when we sleep, even when we are not fully conscious of what we are enacting.
In this way the doll represents the inner spirit of us as women; the voice of inner reason, inner knowing, and inner consciousness"
Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Catherine Hearse -Tree woman


Wolf Spirit by Gretchen Lima

Artist is Gretchen Lima. Gretchen creates the most magical and unique dolls. 
Every doll is one of a kind, and a great work of art. 
Gretchen starts by hand sculpting each face, 
then she decorates each doll with wool, fabric, feathers and beads.


Histories I - Art doll by Charla Khanna

“These are not, for me, little people,” explains American artist Charla Khanna of the dolls she creates. “They are manifestations of the human psyche, the human spirit.” With the record set straight and any suspicion of fluff moved aside, I ask Khanna about the utterly convincing androgyny her dolls display. “They are manifestations of states of being,” she explains, “so they need to be androgynous.” Themes of such magnitude do not normally find their way into the world of doll making, but in Khanna’s creations one senses a thirst for something far more profound than entertainment value.


Our layered lives - Kate Fitzharris

She writes:
'My work is very much inspired by my environment, of my experiences of living in this diverse world, exploring people's relationships with other animals.
My work stimulates feelings; of wildness, and domesticity, nostalgia. A sense of something almost articulated, nearly, and yet, not quite. I want my work to speak to the body of the person looking at or holding it, reminding them of the physicality of this world, to touch them.'


Borrowed Tribe - Laura Castellanos

"Borrowed Tribe" wraps around your body when you go into the gallery. Its walls are lined with dolls, their hands close enough to link together, and you’re in the middle. Look closer and they break into specific selves, each made of sacred hand-me-downs and discarded socks given to Seattle artist Laura Castellanos, who tethers the unwanted to the cherished. Walking back into the center of the room, the group closes ranks again, a reminder of the condition of being on the inside or on the outside, part of the group or all alone and made of different stuff, as comforting and scary as either can be."- 
Jen Graves, The Stranger


Cynthia Whitehawk - Apache Grandmother Spirit Keeper


Flame Goddess - Camara Meri Rajabari

“After a dark period in my life, I started to create art as a way to help me through my transition. I made a doll one day after showing some neighborhood youth how to do paper mache’. The doll was so beautiful and healing – she was dressed in all white and held a clear crystal quartz. I would often speak my fears to her and meditate on her peaceful image. Whenever a friend or even stranger saw the doll they would request for me to make another. I tried to duplicate her but each time I made a doll it would turn out very unique to the recipient–who I call a “living muse”. Many times the dolls spoke to something was taking place in their living muse’s life (things I had no prior knowledge of…). What I understand now is that the dolls are oracles – they have messages for me(the artisan) and for their living muse. They are now an intricate part of the healing work that I do.” Camara Meri Rajabari


Paper Sculptural Spirit Dolls by Barbara Bussolari

"I believe that every plant and animal possesses a unique essence, which is interrelated with the lives and spirits of others. Each of my one-of-a-kind pieces embodies fragments of the spirit of the clan of mankind.
Using found objects, I am embedding memories of the past in the present. Holding these pieces, you are connected to all cultures, back to the beginning of time. Having lived in the Far East and Europe much of my childhood and having traveled extensively since, I have gathered an appreciation for multi-cultural images, colors and design." 
Barbara Bussolari


How to make a spirit doll - free ebook
by Joanna Powell Colbert

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