Sunday, July 27, 2014

crocheting with a view...

This is the view I have, right now, while crocheting my new pattern.
I'm sitting on the little beach bordering the river next to my house
I like to spend at least one hour a day here
It's the perfect place for meditation, for singing and drumming...
and to observe and listen to all life around water
to read a book or to do some knitting and crocheting...

I feel like I'm really blessed and lucky to have this wonderful spot nearby
It's not a quiet place, as the river makes quite some noise
but it has this wonderful rhythm, this strange humming.
This place has a magical atmosphere
I love it here...

Though I have to admit I needed some time after the flood to learn to live with River again.
to accept everything about her anew.

We'll see what the future will bring, the world today is in such a mess
Earth is trying to survive just like all of her creatures,
I believe we need to learn the old ways again and work together with Nature
to rediscover Oneness,

otherwise we're lost....

The colours I'm working with are grey and green like the stones and the plants surrounding me.



  1. Wow would spend at least an hour a day there too if this was at the back of my house ! What a lovely place ! enjoy it !

  2. That looks beautiful, what are you crocheting, grey and green are my favourite colours ,

  3. What a beautiful place, what are you crocheting,grey and green are my favourite colours