Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...the holy hill...

A few days ago, as a kind of ritual for Imbolc-Full-Moon-Celebration, I went up to what could very well be, a ancient Holy Hill here in Brittany: the "Montagne St Michel" formally known as the "Menez Kronan" (Mountain of Kronan: he was a Celtic god) and though it was freezing cold up there, it felt as a very energetic place. I felt the same thing on top of the Tor a couple of years ago when I was visiting Glastonbury.

What you see here is a relic of the Second World War: once a radio navigation tower for the bombers of the German army. It looks like a stone UFO, very bizarre. Bunkers were also built here but fortunately there were destroyed. Today this place is mainly visited by pilgrims, tourists and hikers.

The hill is 381 m high, located in a barren landscape where there is a constant strong wind blowing. It was 9°C warm but it felt like minus 9. Luckily I was wrapped up warmly. This hill was and is still called by the locals "the gates of the other world" - for some people meaning: Hell (les portes de l'Enfer). In the old days
 there probably was an ancient Celtic temple located here. In 1672 they build a church on top of it but it's more like a chapel. The Christians realised that the only way to counter the local Pagan believes, was to build monuments dedicated to their God in the precise location where the ancient rituals were taking place. They built this Church but it was abandoned. They rebuild it in the 19th century. 

Christians have renamed this place St Michel. Wherever one finds a church or place named Michel, Michiel, Michele, Mikael or Michael, it indicates that it previously was an energetic place where the old religion was celebrated. Where the serpent or dragon energy was active and maybe still is. Places like that are: St Michael Mount in the UK, the Mont St-Michel in Normandy, the Irish island Skellig Michael and St Michael's Tower on Glastonbury Tor, among many others. 

Michael is always described as the destroyer of the dragon.


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  1. Ik heb genoten van je verhaal............

  2. Een fascinerende omgeving en een prachtig verhaal. De foto's passen er mooi bij.

  3. Dankjewel Martine en Mattie, het is inderdaad een fascinerende plek :)

  4. tu vis en Bretagne? comme moi! je commence tout juste ton bohemian hapsody

    1. Enchanté Estelle, ravie de te rencontrer sur mon blog :)

  5. Wundervolle Fotos!
    Danke dafür :-)

    LG Lehmi