Sunday, September 09, 2012

as Fall is approaching fast...

it's time to work on warm and cozy knit and crochet designs.

As always, I prefer to work with 100 procent wool and hand dyed yarns. The Poll Dorset yarn of Renaissance Dyeing is a wonderful yarn to knit or crochet with. And the colours are amazingly bright and alive. Thanks to the skills of the very talented Andie Luijk
Here, I've choose five new colours to design a warm crochet cowl. The garment and the pattern will be finished by the end of next week. There will also be a kit available with yarn and pattern at the Renaissance Dyeing website.

LOVE these colours

In the meantime, I'm still dyeing some yarn, but I should now bring the fermenting dye-vats inside the house as the nights are getting really cold.

I found this interesting pdf on the Net about fermentend dyes, it's written in German and English:

After rinsing the dyed skeins in the river next to the house, they are now drying for the last time.
left - Poll Dorset dyed with St John's Wort = salmon pink
right - Some stash yarn dyed with Alder = dark honey



  1. Such beautiful colors and pictures Marylene but please..........i want to hold onto summer just a little longer..........

  2. Both are beautiful shades :-)

  3. Thank you Martine and Radka :)

  4. Both colours are gorgeous, really wonderful dye results! I also love the photo, of the skeins hanging from the tree with the river in the background :)
    The colours you have chosen for your crochet are beautiful too, I think the cowl will be very pretty.