Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Because once in a while it is good to change a few things around oneself, 
I decided to start with this new blog. 
my other blog:
Mary Lena's Blog will continue to be available, at least for a while.

Of course I'm still going to tell everything about my knit and crochet designs. But I'm also going to write about my experiments with herbal dyes and my attempts to make "art" and other magical stuff.

I now live in Brittany, France, in this wonderful region called Finistere (which really means: Here the world ends). Here I have more space to do my work and Nature is more present than it ever was. Working in harmony with Nature is very important to me, there would be no inspiration at all if I didn't live surrounded by Her. So you can also expect to see some inspirational pictures of the surroundings. 

About the title:
shades refer to all the colours I love to work with and lynx is my designer name, shades of lynx is also a symbolic reference to what I consider to be a spirit animal and its connection with an other dimension of this visible world, on the shady side.

Or, put differently: (I want) to explore aspects of creativity with the intuitive mind.

So here we go,

I hope you will love this new blog, 
your comments are always welcome... 


  1. ik volg je ook hier weer graag.
    Veel plezier en succes met je nieuwe blog........

  2. Dankjewel Martine voor je waardering en je lieve woorden :)

    1. Hi Marylene, Ik vind t prachtig!!! vooral de vestjes, wonderlijk mooi. ik weet niet hoe t werkt met reply as, dus ik heb maar anonymous gekozen omdat ik die andere dingen niet ken. maar ik ben Annemieke van den Dool.

    2. Hi Annemieke :) Leuk je hier te zien ! Dankjewel...